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ISIS boasted an astonishing $2.4 billion of revenue in 2015 — just one example of how the global war on terror has largely neglected what should be its biggest target: the money trail. One country, however, has taken the lead in this major new front of unconventional warfare: Israel. With the creation of its top-secret "Harpoon" program, led by legendary Mossad boss Meir Dagan, Israel began directing spies, soldiers, and attorneys to disrupt and destroy money pipelines and financial institutions that paid for the bloodshed perpetrated by Hamas, Hezbollah, and other groups. Its successful efforts have now become a blueprint for the U.S.’s own fight against terror and other criminal enterprises. 

Written by an attorney who worked alongside Israel’s intelligence community and a bestselling author, Harpoon offers a globetrotting story of the Israeli-led covert effort, now joined by the Americans, to choke off the terrorists' oxygen supply, money, via unconventional warfare. Among the many revelations in Harpoon, authors Nitsana Darshan-Leitner and Samuel M. Katz show how Hamas was being funded through U.S.-based charitable donations diverting to supporting suicide bombings and terrorist attacks inside Israel — including attacks that resulted in the deaths of American citizens. Harpoon efforts shut down these programs with spy thrilling dare while lawyers won devastating rulings in federal court in New York against major Arab banks that helped launder terror money.

Harpoon is published by the Hachette Book Group.

Harpoon book

"...Follow the money,

target the money,

kill the money..."


– Meir Dagan, Former Head of Mossad


It's a cliché after Watergate that the key investigation in most circumstances is to 'follow the money' (in the words of Deep Throat). This is the story of how Mossad led this movement and substantially effected investigations of terrorism and similarly important matters and how this influenced the CIA's later work in the same field. Bravo Mossad! Thanks for leading the way.

The riveting and untold story of the intelligence task force that launched a dynamic new front in the war on terror. A thrill ride with one of the most important Israeli start-ups of them all.

Money drives terrorism. If funding is cut, terrorism is reduced. A groundbreaking look at how spies, soldiers, statesmen, and lawyers waged a relentless campaign to dry up the financial streams that funded terrorism against Israel and the United States. A great read about a compelling issue.


CIA Director


Director of the Mossad


Harvard Professor and Civil
Rights Attorney


nitsana darshan leitner

Israeli activist and attorney.
As the founder and president of 
Shurat HaDin - Israel Law Center,
based near Tel Aviv, she has represented hundreds of terror victims in lawsuits.

samuel katz

Co-author of the New York Times
Under Fire: The Untold
Story of the Attack in Benghazi and
author of
The Ghost Warriors.
He is based in New York.



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